StrikeMaster II Pro Review 2020

StrikeMaster II Pro Review 2020

If you have spent any time worrying about the safety and security of your family there is a good reason to do so. Home break-ins are a surprisingly common problem facing American homeowners. Imagine the trauma of such an event.

According to the FBI, a home is broken in to every 12 seconds by going through the front or back door. And because of “door frame failure,” the easiest way for a criminal to get into your house is just to kick in your door!

What is the Strikemaster II Pro door reinforcement system?

The Strikemaster II Pro is a patented door, frame and hinge reinforcement kit that reinforces the weaknesses of the door system to prevent brute force attacks.

The core of this system by Safe Homes International is two pieces of forged steel that bite together with fully threaded 2.5 inch, case-hardened screws effectively turning your soft wooden door jamb into steel.

The kit also includes the Door Edge Pro. Another patented product that squeezes the door edge around the lock so that when brute force is applied the door itself does not splinter. One advantage this device has over the wrap-around plates is that it does not require additional spacing between your door and frame in order to be installed.

The final area of necessary reinforcement is the hinge side of the door and frame. With steel hinges already in place, Safe Homes International provides additional case-hardened screws that can bite into the wall stud to replace the short ones used in the original install.

The Necessity of a Door Frame Reinforcement

Most people lock their deadbolt when leaving home or going to bed in order to protect themselves. What most people are unaware of is that about an inch of soft wood is what they have locked their deadbolt into. In other words, their lock may be adequate, but the receiver is useless.

When a door is installed, the frame must be square. If it’s not, you’re not going to be able to open and close your door for very long. The installer uses shims, which are small pieces of wood, to wedge the frame into shape. In order to keep this simple, the frame is made of pliable, soft wood. This is all fine and well for the purpose of building. Not so much for the purpose of security.

An effective door reinforcement device will fit between the door and the frame, lock tightly up-and-down into the wall studs on the other side of the frame and receive the bolt and throw from the door locks.


With FBI estimates of approximately 1.5 million residential burglaries per year with an average monetary loss of $2700 per incident; And as previously stated, a home is broken in to every 12 seconds by going through the front or back door; we believe a door frame reinforcement for every homeowner or apartment dweller that locks their doors.

Strikemaster II Pro v Home Protection Systems

Some experts suggest prioritizing home security in this manner: Defense, Deter, and Detect.

While alarm systems can detect and even deter intruders, the fact of the matter is that they don’t defend your home. A door reinforcement system actually defends your home from intruders.

With that said, if you see an alarm system in your future, there are some important things to be aware of so that you understand what you are getting. According to

These babies are popular and they prove the old adage in sales: “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.” You see, alarms do a great job of letting you know you’ve potentially been broken into. I say “potentially” because according to the University at Albany somewhere between 94 and 98% of the tens of millions of burglar alarms each year in the U.S. are false.

The reality is that alarms give a sense of security. But the facts are that they don’t do a whole lot in the area actual security. Yet sales continue to skyrocket.

So when it comes to defense of your home, we recommend the Strikemaster II Pro.

Strikemaster II Pro v other types of door security products.

There are several styles of security bars and floor wedges on the market that have been engineered to provide door security. And while these types of products can often withstand a brute force attack, they typically have 3 main drawbacks.

  1. They are only usable when you are INSIDE your home. When you leave to go to work (the time when most break-ins occur), they can not be engaged.
  2. They are not intuitive. People have spent years trusting in and locking their front doors by engaging their deadbolts.
  3. They are unsightly. Some devices are akin to a chair stuck under the door knob or a 2×4 across the door. Another device requires that you drill into your floor.

With the SMII, the deadbolt is engaged from either inside or outside the home and your door is secure. Additionally, it is largely unseen when your door is closed seeing that it fits neatly against your door jamb.

Strikemaster II Pro v Other Reinforcement Kits

Once you’ve made a decision to install a door and frame reinforcement kit, now it’s time to decide which company offers the best product. Having had hands on experience with a number of these products, we can give you definitive reasons why we recommend the Strikemaster II Pro Kit.

  1. The SMII is constructed of 2 interlocking steel pieces that fit any 1-3/4″ door frame without the need to remove the door casing or alter the frame design.
    • We have found some frame reinforcements that are flimsy and others so thick that they require altering the door frame in order for the door to close.
  2. The kit provides additional security for the door (on both the lock and hinge side) and the frame on the hinge side WITHOUT the need for additional space.
    • Some products do not provide this added security, while those that do, tend to require more space between the door and the frame making installation and frame-squaring difficult.
  3. The kit comes with case-hardened, fully threaded screws that bite into the wall stud so that there is zero slippage.
    • Other kits tend to use off-the-shelf wood screws that can shear under pressure and are not fully threaded. The non threaded portion of the screw allows for regular movement of the reinforcement plate thereby slowly working its way loose.
  4. A traditional strike plate has been built into the entry lock area of the SMII allowing for normal, smooth closing of the door.
    • Other full-length products either have a 90 degree bend that forces you to manually turn the knob each time you close the door or the bend is reduced to 45 degrees causing it to be far more visible and unsightly.
  5. Within the strike plate, an adjust-a-tab has been incorporated allowing you to tighten the seal of your door when it is closed.
    • Other units have standard cutouts that cannot be adjusted. So if the fit is too loose or too tight, little can be done to rectify the situation.
  6. SMII comes with prestamped cutouts to fit the standard 5.5 to 6.6 inch spacing between the entry lock and deadbolt. This fits the majority of doors without having unsightly precut wholes up-and-down the unit. However, a Hole Saw can be used for unique spacing.
    • Many products are just too flimsy and unsightly with the number of holes precut in them in an attempt to meet every door lock scenario.

Strikemaster installation

The kit is simple enough for the majority of customers to install within 30-60 minutes. Step-by-step instructions are included and a YouTube video can be accessed. Additionally, there need be no modification to the door or frame. The two piece U.S. PATENTED construction eliminates the removal of the door casing trim, saving valuable time. However, if you have any difficulties, you can actually call the inventor and he will call you back with help. Safe Homes International prides themselves in their customer service.


While the manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee of any “door frame failure following the proper installation of the StrikeMaster II Pro, using the hardware provided and properly anchored,” it has never occurred. Sadly however, thousands and thousands of homes have been burglarized with alarm systems installed (click here to see).


  • Brute-force attack is becomes ineffective.
  • Door frame becomes steel.
  • Defending your home rather than detecting intruders.
  • No false alarms.
  • Simply lock your door as before.
  • Ease of Installation.
  • Money-back guarantee.
    1. Two interlocking steel pieces – increased tensile strength
    2. Additional door and hinge side security with no additional space between the door and frame required
    3. Case hardened, fully threaded screws – no slippage or loosening
    4. Built-in strike plate – easy door closing
    5. ADJUST-A-TAB – tight door seal

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  • hello,
    i am interested in installing your product but concerned that i may botch up the job, possibly ruin the pieces and have to resort to paying a professional and maybe buying a second set.
    the spacing between our front doorknob and deadbolt is more like 6 3/4-7″ and i’m not sure if drilling holes in the appropriate positions will defeat or weaken the reinforcement’s protection.
    i am also concerned about whether there is enough of a gap between the edge of the door and the jamb and if not, how i should go about increasing it. i am afraid of leaving an uneven edge on the door or the jamb and not sure which tool should be used.
    also, if i decide to install a Grade 1 deadbolt, should i do that before i try to use the StrikeMaster II Pro?

  • Question I had this Product installed on our front door and back doors coming in from the garage. This was done about 7 years ago. We are here in Henderson Nv. I just realized my doors may not be a solid doors but may be hollow ? If this is the case are our doors weaker than I thought and can be kicked in easily? We just had Boss security screens installed on all our windows. But I did not order the screens on our front door, since I’ve always felt untouchable with strikemaster 11 pro. On our doors, do I need to rethink this door security. Thank you my email address is From Jan English

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