Best Locks | French Doors

Best Locks | French Doors

It is obvious that feeling secure and happy in a home is every individual’s goal. Wishing to build a special and safe living space should typically be an exceptionally simplistic wish to accomplish. However, sometimes specific obstacles are more difficult to address than expected. I have experienced this firsthand. It was scary and horrid! Dangerous burglaries, unplanned crimes, and acts of violence are common phobias of many homeowners or residents.

How might intruders sneak their way into homes in the first place?

When a criminal is mapping out and hunting they will be on the lookout for:

  • Weak spots to enter
  • Patterns in schedule
  • If someone is home
  • Open windows
  • Access to garage
  • Unlocked doors
  • Easy to break doors or windows
  • Glass

Captivating door designs that include glass have the potential to appear especially appealing to menacing delinquents. Why? The answer is simple. Glass is a material capable of becoming easily broken to create an entrance into a home for burglarizing.

Add to that, doors that don’t lock into walls but rather into another door and you’ve got yourself welcome mat lit up like a neon sign for those looking to score free stuff at someone else’s expense.

French double doors, though breathtaking in their masterpiece detail, present this realistic vulnerability. As a homeowner, I was desperately curious on how to approach a method of protection to prevent harm and destruction.


When I first learned about the immense weakness of my French double-doors, I was quite alarmed. How could I honestly reside in a home in which I did not feel at ease? But knowing that prevention is key to protecting a living space, I was very thankful that I began to find specific solutions for the problem.


Honestly, every home deserves to be designed according to each detail a homeowner dreamily desires. Every customized feature warrants to be addressed, from the colorful shade of wall paint, epic cushion level of the bed, to the enviously classic statement of iconic French double-doors to create a cozy oasis. I deserve my dream home, as does everyone else. To complete the vision of a loving home, safety must be fully guaranteed by way of trusted and established security features.

I had a pressing and troubling question in mind. Which feature truly proves to be the most trusted and established for securing the safety status of undeniably gorgeous yet vulnerable French doors? Much pondering, researching, and professional advice has provided a variety of current approaches or options. My main concern with my home was discovering the best locks for my French doors, as they present to criminal minds as a major weak spot. I did not want to be a sitting duck!


I was especially invested in investigating the best French door lock set, because my home office with important documents rested behind my French doors. Nor did I want my family and friends to feel completely protected when staying over. To save time and worry, I am only going to explain the most quality and preeminent solution.

I discovered an impressive thirty-one-year old company known as Safe Homes International. Curious, I made sure to really look into what this company had to offer. I found this business proved to be well versed on current statistics relevant to home burglaries, police response, and common methods of force when attempting to break open a door.

Apparently, when an intruder in attempting to gain illegal access to a home, kicking in a door is the frequent route pursued. I had no idea until hearing the data Safe Homes International shared. It was easy to understand the genius and purpose behind their products thanks to their tech savvy online educational resources. Personally, their YouTube content and website was my favorite. This is how I came across the StrikeMaster II Pro and the StrikeMaster French Door Kit.


What is the StrikeMaster II Pro? The very product I had been searching for! Basically, the StrikeMaster II Pro (also known as the SMII) prevents doors from being kicked in or broken into by brute force. It takes your wooden door jamb and converts it to steel. And its inventor at Safe Homes International applied his expertise to create the one-of-a-kind StrikeMaster French Door Kit. This French door lock hardware rises to the challenge of the design vulnerabilities of French double-doors making them solid and secure.

Although this beautiful home feature is charming, it also invites an easy route for unfortunate breaking and entering opportunities. Specifically, the delicate anatomy of French doors allow the pins and locking systems to become easily disrupted and broken with applied pressure or force. Such occurrences would render the door useless and create an easy entrance for burglars.

This troubling fact is what ultimately inspired the patented design of the French Door Kit to be created. This special design addresses the multiple weak spots of French doors to provide extra strength in ensuring the durable resistance to force. (See Atlanta locksmith install a kit here.) It acts as a system in securing multiple points of concern instead of just one. By efficiently addressing areas of weakness, a French door would become extremely difficult (if not impossible) to break down.


Amazingly, another world-class product known as the Door Edge Pro (sold separately for $24.95) is included for extra security. It is especially engineered for preventing break-ins. The Door Edge Pro needs to be installed separately, but only positively adds to the sturdiness of a French door in areas of weakness.


I was shocked at the awesome deal and variety of quality products offered by this business! More bang for my buck and more protection for my home is offered all in one kit.

These products intelligently provided every solution to the inherent weaknesses of my doors with their clever design. In other words, I happily discovered the products I needed to solve my serious concern.

What was also quite sweet to discover was the cost of these quality and thoroughly tested mechanisms. I was afraid of having to spend an arm and a leg on effective safety measures for my French door. However, Safe Homes International products are all under one hundred dollars. This remarkably cozy budget for high quality products was icing on the cake to uncover!

8 Benefits of Why I Confidently Chose the StrikeMaster II Pro French Door Kit:

  1. 31 years of trusted experience in providing home safety
  2. Extremely well tested products for French door lock hardware
  3. Addresses areas of weakness to ensure most secure French doors available
  4. Use of advanced modern technology in design for best locks French doors
  5. Impressive patented design for French door lock set
  6. Amazing savings and deal with Door Edge Pro feature included
  7. Extra and specific quality protection at studied weak points
  8. Easy installation and online buying options
  9. Made in the USA!
  10. Helpful assembly diagrams with visual aids for easy installation

Now, I can place my mind happily at ease, knowing my gorgeous French double-doors are protected by top of the line products. This information has helped put my previous phobias to rest and ensured my loving home successfully achieved a safer status. This is an accomplishment everyone deserves for their French double doors and home. Now to buy one for my best friend and Grandma too!

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